Petrified Whalebone (California coast) vs. Dinosaur Bone!

Try these links at a rock blog I just found. It may be your best chance to see this agatized fossil material on the screen:

These are southern Californians talking mostly about about collecting in San Luis Obispo county and points south, but the principles of spotting it on a beach apply elsewhere and the Northern California material seems comparable.

Who can help me compile a full list of ALL the California collecting localities for this material?

AND, who can tell us its AGE, more or less? According to Robert Boessenecker, student of fossil marine mammals of the California coast: “The material from Ano Nuevo and Pescadero is the Mio-Pliocene Purisima Formation… Material from San Luis Obispo County is probably middle-late Miocene, and likely from the Sisquoc and Monterey Formations.”

BUT . . .

The fossil bone that sets the world standard as the finest, at least for the gem cutter or jeweler, is DINOSAUR bone from the American Southwest. Take a look at these pictures:

The colors and patterns in these pictures of polished dinosaur bone gems (by Mark Anderson of Different Seasons) are truly amazing . . . Enjoy!

(Originally blogged February 14, 2009 – Wintertime! – collecting season…)


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2 Responses to Petrified Whalebone (California coast) vs. Dinosaur Bone!

  1. Unfortunately, when my now ex-girlfriend broke up with me she took her half of the content of our blog and went home. Consequently, your links to our then-blog are now dead links you should probably put out out of their misery. My blog is now “my” blog and it is rolling along nicely… I promise to get some killer pics of agatized whale bone from the Central Coast as soon as I can get around to it so be on the lookout.

    Eclectic Arcania Blog

    • negxl1 says:

      You could look for some older versions of your blog, and their content, on, by using their “Wayback Machine” feature. And I might have some text & photos saved.
      I saw a bit of bone at the Big Sur Jade Festival last weekend. There’s a very talented carver at the festival every year named Ronald Stevens; he grew up collecting it on Southern Cal beaches & still uses it some. He also carved a bunch of whale tails out of the petrified whalebone. Nowadays he carves ruby, tourmaline, chalcedony . . . but he’s still loyal to the original, somewhat humble material that got him started on “the rocky road.” I like that! RC

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