San Francisco Bay Area Geology Links, Cites

(Originally posted: December 2, 2009)
Geology Resources – Golden Gate National Rec Area (field guides, rock FAQs, glossary, etc.)
Images from Ernst Haeckel’s microscopic studies of radiolaria (the tiny critters whose skeletons make up the local chert)
Giant Underwater Sand Ridges in the Golden Gate
Doris Sloan: “Portraits of a Tectonic Landscape” (Bay Nature magazine; + search back issues online for geology articles by her and others, or by the back issues)
East Bay Geology, by Andrew Alden of (with links to other geo-blogs)
California Geology Destinations & Links (ideas for field trips!)
Mineral Information Service, (Calif. Division of Mines & Geology), Dec. 1970. Several stories about Rodeo Beach at Ft. Chronkhite, including a movie made tracking the changes in the beach through one winter.
Scientific American, Feb. 2009: “The Origin of the Land Under the Sea”, P.B. Keleman. The latest thinking on submarine volcanic eruptions at tectonic plate margins.

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