Delightful Books . . . Unexpected Gems

Sainte-Terre, or the White Stone, by Robert Kelly. Woodstock, N.Y.: Shivastan Publishing, 2006. <> Printed by Mandala Graphics, Kathmandu. [32 pp] paperback, $10. Edition of 250 copies. Poetry.

Albestone, or The White Stone: 1

“And watching / It waits near, / a smooth white stone / no one found / or it is in my hand / weighs, unknown, / waits. A stone / knows how to / Having and knowing / so far apart…”

Depositions , by Antonio Iannarone. Designed and printed by A. Iannarone and J. Fetter-Vorm, in San Francisco & Brooklyn, NY. Bitter Vetch, c2009. [24 pp.] Craftbound hardback $200; paperback $15. <> Edition of 200 copies.

from the book: “Deep Time…do we imagine such a dislocating immensity as to put human time out of joint? We rightly fear a yawning from behind us; we peer ever deeper and hear the maddening reverberations of a first static, but we have yet to see a sound beginning. Our research out into space remains a mute stone dropped down a bottomlessness. Deep Time…but already we measure words to it, depose of it, grave out space for it, move away from it. Let us more safely call out: geologic time. Geology: step back from the depths of space, intend to Earth and read in its stratified visage but a symbol of that terrible depth. Still there remains no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end. The primordial exceeds our efforts, yet we fashion a comprehension by rocks…”


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Rocks interest me; some fascinate me.
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